Sampling on tiny test warps

These two little messy little bits of fabric don’t really look like much, but they were the result of a lot of working out  today and they will be filed with proper technical notes in my research folder.

By putting tiny test warps on the loom, and playing with different variables, I can fairly quickly try out a new fabric quality, set of threads, colour combination or weave structure.

These two are work in progress but one of my Wednesday students will shortly be weaving a set of tea towels and I needed to see if these particular yarns were OK to use. The sample on the left is only 3cm wide but I managed to try a few variations; and after the fabric was cut off the loom, then washed and dried, the result was a pretty nice cotton/linen fabric. I love the potential of the bright autumn colours.

The other fabric sample on the right will eventually inform a much larger weaving. It will evolve into a large fleecy floor rug and also perhaps a tapestry type wall hanging – even this small 10x 30 cm sample has an amazing heavy weight to it so it worked out pretty well and I learnt a lot from both these exercises.

sampling today

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