Pin-loom weaving – without the pins

Do you remember ‘pin looms’ from back in the day? Or maybe you have seen them in the many online videos, tutorials and discussion groups?

It seems pin loom weaving is having another little resurgence, so I’m very excited to introduce my latest portable little pin-free looms.

You can use these to weave small squares in the same way as pin looms – but with the big advantage is that there are no uncomfortable pins or nails to handle. A length of yarn is wound around the notches in a specific way and laid down in three layers. Then the fourth layer is woven over and under for a few rows to (almost magically) weave the fabric together.

There are two different size reusable bamboo ply-wood looms so you can use up your yarn stash to weave small squares. Then join squares together to create a variety of projects such as coasters, scarves, blankets, bags, table mats, flowers etc. The possibilities are endless.

This small, portable weaving is fun and easy to learn – though it is a bit addictive 🙂
I hope to share some project tutorials and links to online videos here soon.