I haven’t done a commission for quite a while, but this week a lovely customer came to the studio to choose her colours for a special birthday scarf. This is her initial selection.

It’s really exciting to be working with  someone else’s favourite colours.  

Update: 9/8/16 – Warp yarns are wound onto the loom and half threaded up already! this is what that yarns looked like all chained up earlier today. They look and feel very pretty already. Mostly natural fibres including merino, alpaca, silk, cotton and viscose. There’s a few very fancy threads in there which have amazing texture or colour changes which will add special interest.


Update – 10/08/2016. Started to weave today. This weft is a mixture of 5 very fine Alpaca,silk and cotton strands, all slightly different greens, wound together onto the same bobbin. Just plain weave but by no means plain.

Update – 17/08/2016 – The finished scarf. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the new owner is already wearing it.