I heart weaving

Small heart weaving kit

Also available at the Little Beehive Co-op

and The Windmill Shop at Founders Park, Nelson NZ

Might try and run a workshop locally on this easy little project –

…will keep you posted…..<3


Welcoming a New Loom

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been ‘breaking in’ my new loom. 

So far, it’s been quite a slow progress with plenty of ‘scratching of head’ moments. 

My father- in-law kindly helped me put it together on a hot sunny day. 

IMG_1849-0 IMG_1863

 I worked on linking it to my laptop, then set up some warp threads and finally got to weave a little cloth. 

There have been plenty of teething problems along the way but it is a very lovely loom and I feel like we will become very good friends. 

P.S. For anyone interested in looms; this is a narrow width 24 shaft compu-dobby made by AVL.  The computer bit assists me with longer, complex weave sequences, but everything else about it still involves hand weaving.