Yarn…. Loom…. Fabric… Another exciting collaboration with Nester Prints… Hand stitches…. Wall art (soon to be available at the little beehive co-op, Nelson) Transfer to digital print…. frame and exhibit…. April/May 2019 at Morri St Cafe, Nelson with Pango & Ma and Nester Prints.


I was very lucky to be able to do some organic indigo dyeing for a whole day this weekend. Loved it so much. A great big thanks to Jo Kinross at for an amazing day.

Back to work

After my long summer break, this week I dressed the loom in some brightly coloured cotton stripes. So enjoyed the rhythm of weaving again, and that lovely feeling when I cut fresh fabric off the loom. This length will become a set of soft and gentle washcloths very soon. It’s good to be back.

Rata Joy

This rich, vibrant colour combination was inspired by my daughter who is now a young adult- who is passionate about social issues and dives right into whatever she does in life. When I offered to weave her a scarf for the cold winter months at university, she immediately said ‘yes please-red please’ I loved weavingContinue reading “Rata Joy”