Learn to Weave

Weave tutoring and workshops are available for small groups, 1-1 and via Zoom. Please send enquiries through this site’s contact page. Nelson based workshops can also be booked through NZ Textile Experiences.  Below is a small selection of workshops offered, but we are open to requests.

Weave Your Own Washcloth  – 1 Day Workshop

For this session, there will be a selection of looms for you to use (rigid heddle, table and handheld frame looms). These will be ‘dressed’ and ready to go with the vertical warp threads all set up – so you don’t have to do the tricky and labour intensive preparation.

Following a hands-on demonstration, you can start to weave your very own washcloth. These can be used either as a soft face cloth or as a durable dish cloth for washing up – they also make great gifts.

During the workshop you will explore plain weave and twill fabric structures. There will be a variety of colours to choose from, all practical cotton, linen and bamboo fibres.

You will take home a washcloth each – or two if you are really fast.

All materials are included in the course fees but you are most welcome to bring in any cotton yarns you wish to incorporate into your piece. If you decide to continue weaving washcloths in your own time, handheld loom frames and yarn will be available to purchase from the tutor. No previous experience necessary, just a willingness and openness to play with colour and fibre.


Exploring Looms, Colour & Fibre1 Day Taster Workshop

For this session, there will be a selection of table and floor looms for you to use. These will be ‘dressed’, with the vertical warp threads all set up and ready to start weaving.

Following a hands-on demonstration, you can start to weave your very own fabric sampler. During the workshop you will explore different fabric structures and weaving techniques. There will be a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from (including luxury New Zealand & hand dyed yarns). Participants will take home 1 or 2 small pieces of fabric approx 20cm wide by 20-40 cm long.

All materials are included in the course fees but you are most welcome to bring in any special yarns you wish to incorporate into your pieces.

Complementary tea, coffee & biscuits are available at the workshop. Please bring a packed lunch and water bottle.

No previous experience necessary, just a willingness and openness to play.


Small Loom Weaving – Pin Looms, Circle Weaving, Heart Brooch or Yorkshire Button Making – 1/2 Day workshop each

This workshop can be split into 1/2 days for each type of weaving. You will learn to weave small pieces using different handheld looms. These frame looms have been specially designed by tutor K and have been manufactured in New Zealand. There will be a range vibrant and luxurious yarns available for you to use including commercial and hand-dyed New Zealand merino, alpaca and wool/silk. Participants each take away a loom to carry on weaving at home.  Additional looms may also be purchased.

  1. Use a Pin loom weave ‘magic squares’ to make a ‘tapa-style’ flower brooch, Cup coaster, Xmas Tree or to weave small squares that can be later joined together to make larger projects.

2. Use a Circle loom to weave small decorative items which can be used as tiny trinket/ear-ring bowl, flower brooch, bird/fish or rainbow decoration etc.

3. Weave a Heart Brooch or Hanging Decoration using Hand dyed New Zealand Silk Merino yarn

4. Or Learn to make ‘Yorkshire Buttons’, an age old traditional way of weaving small buttons for your projects.

yorkshire buttons


Weave your own contemporary wall hanging – 1 day workshop

Learn to set up and weave a small wall hanging on a frame loom. Lots of yarns, textures, fibres and colours will be available. Plus a chance to explore tapestry plain weave, tassels, rya knots and other techniques.


Practical Weaving Theory – By Appointment

Who? Small groups of 2-6 students who are at advanced beginner or intermediate level (or those need a refresher to get weaving again) The small class is taught by an experienced and practicing textile designer.

Bookings:  Please register your interest through this site’s contact page.

About the course: By covering basic theory, we will be consolidating some of the weaving practices you have experienced so far. This should help you understand not just how you set up a loom and weave a fabric, but why you set it up in a certain way and how you can change elements at each stage of the process to achieve different results.

Here are some of the topics that can be included during the course:

Fabric and yarn properties, yarn sett and reed formulae, wpi, epi and ppi, yarn calculations, interpreting projects found in books and magazines (inc. converting tie-ups for different looms), weave notation, understanding the ‘drawdown’, formulating your own threading drafts on paper, warp & weft design, weave structures……


Rigid Heddle Loom scarf Weavers – 2 Day workshop


Design and weave your own striped scarf – from start to finish on a rigid heddle loom – using your favourite colours and fibres. 2 days plus some finishing at home if necessary.

The first focus will be on how you can design a striped warp using suitable yarns and interesting colour combinations. We will then learn to set up a rigid heddle loom sing the direct warping method. Once the loom is ‘dressed’ you can weave a few sample wefts to try out some different colour combinations before starting to weave the scarf length. We will be using a simple plain weave structure to practice consistent weaving (with nice selvedges.)

During this workshop you will also learn about combining colours, hem stitching, making tassels, and how to ‘finish’ you scarf once it comes off the loom.

What to bring:

A variety of materials is available to choose from at the studio at an additional cost. Please state your preferred colours when booking.  You are most welcome to source your own yarn from other suppliers or from your own ‘stash’ but do ask about suitability.


Colour & Weave Effects for Rigid Heddle – 1 & 2 day Workshops

What? Explore how Colour & Weave Effects can be made on a Rigid Heddle loom whilst weaving a set of useful dishcloths.

What to bring: A variety of suitable cotton yarn is available to choose from, at an additional cost or you can purchase your own from a local supplier or use your stash (details to follow)



knitters loom green scarf

Summer Workshops & School Weavers – by appointment

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to make an enquiry.

IMG_1455 - Copy child weaving childs weaving 3

Suitable for creative boys and girls who are (approximately) 9 to 17 years old (younger tamariki can be taught too – I’ll just need some extra helpers)  I’ll bring looms into your classroom/holiday club so you can have a go at weaving a piece of fabric using your favourite colours. 

Small groups up to 8.  Looking forward to seeing you!

childs weavingchilds weaving 2 circle weaving loom

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