Yarn Fun

Having some fun with gorgeous colours and fibres.

New summer-time tassel garlands made this week. (2.5meters long $37.50  – custom lengths and colours available at $15 per meter )

I also made some ‘Twine’ on my old ashford spinning wheel. It’s great for gift wrapping and craft projects. ($4 for each 5m length)

Available at The Little Beehive Co-op, Nelson or message me if you would like some direct.



A big, BIG, thank you….

…to everyone at this year’s Great Christmas Market – you’re lovely!

Still catching our breath, but Rosie and I had such a good time all day and we met so many gorgeous people. Thank you for stopping by. Here is our little stand just before we opened.


The market atmosphere was amazing. Apart from all the hand-made goodness available and the talented makers/artists/designers and organisers: there was music, food, fun, beautiful surroundings and Nelson sunshine all day.



Tiny tapestry

I was wondering if it’s possible to weave a tiny tapestry on my square weaving loom/frame.

 Looks pretty sweet! It might become a brooch, a necklace or a tiny hanging decoration. 


Counting sheep

Playing around making tiny wee sheep with my smallest square weaving frame.

The wool is from a local farm up on Takaka Hill (they have grey Gotland sheep and now some white ones too – I forget the breed).

I took inspiration from Meg Stump’s sheep pin but I crocheted the head and feet instead because my embroidery skills aren’t great. The wool I used is soft and felts really well, so after a nice hot  hand-wash, the cute sheep are nice a fluffy and might become Christmas decorations or perhaps a baby mobile.

If you don’t have a weaving frame, but would like to make some, perhaps you can knit, crochet or felt some little squares instead?

They are so fun and quick to make and the flock keeps growing.:)