Handspun. To be Handwoven

Last weekend I managed to squeeze in a few very satisfying hours of hand spinning. This is a very special project I am working on –  it involves the deconstruction and up-cycling of my old wedding dress.

I am totally in love with the process and the results warm my heart. These ‘art yarns’ are soft, unique and very personal to me. I hope to use them together with the wedding dress buttons, beads and ribbons in a woven piece which I plan to start very soon.

IMG_2306 IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2320 IMG_2382 IMG_2313

Weaving gift

A thoughtful Dad sorted one of my weaving gift certificates for his daughter and her friend.

It was a real pleasure to teach these two young teenagers in the studio for a couple of hours last week.



Ps. Gift vouchers are available from my studio and also at Founders park Windmill shop, Nelson.

If you would like to do a weaving workshop, and don’t need a gift certificate, just get in touch. You could even bring a friend or two and make it an event.

Warping wheel

Yesterday, I learned how to use this rather large AVL sectional warping wheel. 

I used it to prepare all the vertical threads for my next woven fabric. 

 The lengthy threads are wound in 5cm wide sections following a neat sequence.   

Each section is then wound straight onto my loom under even tension.   

This job used to take me several hours before (sometimes days), but it’s sooooo much quicker and easier with this lovely wheel. I am totally converted.