Circle Loom Weaving

The Circle Weaving Kits are now available for sale in my new Etsy shop, Felt and at various outlets around NZ.

All kits come with a loom/frame, some colourful yarns and notions to get you started (you just need to find some scissors.) You can also purchase no-frills-loom-only weaving frames in various sizes if you have your own a stash of yarn 🙂

Watch these short video tutorials to learn how to set up your Twill Textile Design Mini circle loom and get weaving.

Part 1 photo
Part 2 photo
Part 3 Photo
Part 4 Photo

And here are the PDF instructions too:

photo of PDF instructions

For additional Hints and tips , you can have a look at this post here…..


Here is another printable diagram to help you thread up the loom. Start in the centre, then follow the numbers from 1 to 45, then double back to number 42 and end in the centre again. It’s a bit like a dot-to-dot puzzle but I hope it helps.

How to thread up loom right handed following the numbers

Some Project Ideas to inspire you….

Wall hanging piece (backed with wood circle)
Trinket or earring ‘bowl’
Fold in half to make a fun watermelon decoration
Watermelon Christmas Decoration
Floating Jellyfish with curly crochet
Fold-over bird decorations
Tiny Rainbow Brooch
Hair Accessory
3-D weaving idea
etsy link
felt icon

8 thoughts on “Circle Loom Weaving

  1. Hi, I love your flower loom! I am curious if you sell them? I saw the loom on the Tiny Happy blog. Have a great day, Deb

  2. Saw this on Tiny Happy and it was so easy to get. Great service. Beautiful loom. Just tried it and should have looked at video where it was easier to see the threads cross every 2nd post on the back! My rookie effort wrapped the back of every post.

  3. I bought your tiniest circle loom and love it. Your fast, personal service made me feel as if I’d been able to zoom around the world to New Zealand! I’m going to order more! Thank you so much.

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