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Yarn trials

As we head into quiet winter months here in NZ, I’ve been taking time to weave some new things. These beautiful yarns come from a local farm (The Woolshed, on Takaka Hill) which is run by a friend and her family.  The natural silver and charcoal greys are from friendly Gotland Sheep. The off-white wool is from Perendale sheep. All are un-dyed and have been mill spun here in NZ.

It feels great to weave with and I am really happy with the fabrics that have been coming off the loom. Here are some cosy pillows finished this week. These are a combination of mostly cotton and wool – plus a tiny bit of added man made yarn for sparkle.

Gotland is lightweight and very warm. It also has really good drape and a subtle natural sheen, so it’s calling me to weave a blanket soon.

Another of Gotland wool’s natural properties is that it makes great felt. I’m trialing this on a different loom.  Once woven, I firstly washed these samples by hand in hot water and soap; but then I got a bit braver and put them all into the washing machine, followed by a tumble dry. Once felted, it is possible to cut the fabric without too much fraying – which could lead into all sorts of fun projects. I’m beginning a few useful drinks coasters – just got to decide whether to keep the blanket stitch edging or not.


It’s a good day for weaving

It’s a very happy day when I get to weave pom poms on a giant circle loom while soaking up some autumn sun. Hope you’re having a great Sunday.


I was very lucky to be able to do some organic indigo dyeing for a whole day this weekend. Loved it so much.

A great big thanks to Jo Kinross at for an amazing day.

Back to work

After my long summer break, this week I dressed the loom in some brightly coloured cotton stripes.

So enjoyed the rhythm of weaving again, and that lovely feeling when I cut fresh fabric off the loom.

This length will become a set of soft and gentle washcloths very soon. It’s good to be back.

Rata Joy

This rich, vibrant colour combination was inspired by my daughter who is now a young adult- who is passionate about social issues and dives right into whatever she does in life.

When I offered to weave her a scarf for the cold winter months at university, she immediately said ‘yes please-red please’

I loved weaving these variegated stripes of crimson, red, rust, hot pink, burgundy, teal, gold.

There were four slightly different scarves made from the same warp length. One went to my daughter, so now there are three left – one here, one at the Little Beehive Co-op and the another at the Wow gallery, Nelson. Made from soft natural fibres -merino, alpaca, silk and cotton – plus a little bit of man made yarn for some sparkle.